SRA & Ed Fund Partner Providing A Diverse Workforce

Over the past several years, the Ed Fund and Students Rising Above (SRA) have informally collaborated to ensure students in West Contra Costa Unified gain access to higher education. SRA has participated in the Ed Fund’s annual Getting Ready for College Conference and over the years have shared many of the same scholarship students.

At this point, it is natural to formalize our partnership. Students Rising Above and the Ed Fund are proud to partner together to provide students with comprehensive career development programs, thus ensuring students from across West Contra Costa County graduate from college and successfully transition into the workforce with a robust set of experiences and professional skills.

Now in its 20th year, Students Rising Above is continuing to take action to break social and economic cycles of poverty by providing a new generation of a diverse workforce by empowering youth in under-resourced communities and schools to access and excel in social, academic, and economic opportunities.

SRA shares the Ed Fund’s commitment to ensuring all students enter college with the financial resources needed to further their education. The average per student loan debt for Students Rising Above is $6,206, compared to the national average of $39,400, which is up six percent from the previous year.    

With nearly 20 years of programming, Students Rising Above is proud and grateful for the deep-rooted community the organization has built, encompassing:

– 750+ students served in the direct services program, including 300+ alumni

– Over 14,000 students across the U.S. are reached through the SRA Hub, a robust online platform, offering a diverse set of resources, tools, and professional advising

– Over 155 corporate partners and over 600 career mentors and volunteers

– High focus on college affordability, selection, advising, enabling students to obtain a higher education with little to no debt


“We are thrilled to partner with The West Contra Costa Public Education Fund to build upon our 20 years of student programming and have a larger impact on the students in West Contra Costa County,” said Students Rising Above Executive Director, Carolina Martín. “We are so proud of our 750+ college graduates, who are breaking social and economic cycles of poverty within their own families, serving their communities, providing a new generation of employees and leaders from diverse backgrounds, and accelerating positive change.”


Thank you to the entire Ed Fund community! On behalf of Students Rising Above, we are excited to continue the journey with you, making opportunities for social and economic mobility possible and identifying further ways that we can collaborate to support the mutual goals for our students.