Upholding Our Commitment to Racial Equity in the Wake of the Supreme Court’s Decision

Dear SRA Community,

We’re writing today to share our disappointment with the Supreme Court decision ruling that race can no longer be a factor in the college admissions process. This historic verdict profoundly impacts the landscape of higher education, and it directly impacts the work we do here at Students Rising Above (SRA).

SRA firmly believes every student, irrespective of their background, should have an equitable chance at success. This belief is reflected in SRA’s recently updated mission –  to empower students facing systemic barriers to define and find success through education, career, and in life.

Diversity is not just a demographic goal: it is an integral part of a vibrant intellectual environment that fosters empathy, challenges biases, and stimulates intellectual growth.

Despite the recent Supreme Court ruling, our commitment to fostering diversity and equity remains unshaken. Now more than ever, our work is crucial in ensuring our students—first-generation, low-income, and from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds—have the support they need to navigate these shifting landscapes.

We are doubling down on our efforts to empower students to thrive in their educational and career aspirations. This includes:

Enhanced College Access and Success Advising: With an increased focus on schools that support students from diverse backgrounds, SRA will continue providing individualized advising to guide our students through the college admissions process. This includes assistance with application essays, interview preparation, and scholarship applications.

Robust Financial Capability Training: In the face of mounting tuition costs, we will enhance our efforts to equip our students with the financial literacy they need to manage their personal finances and navigate the complex world of student loans.

Comprehensive Social-Emotional Support: We recognize the immense pressure and anxiety that comes with applying for college and preparing for a career. We have expanded our support services to ensure our students’ well-being is taken care of, alongside their academic needs. This includes resolving basic needs such as health care and mental health support and finding resources to address housing and food insecurity.

Career Guidance and Readiness: To address the changing demands of the workforce, we have augmented our career development initiatives, providing mentorship, internships, and industry exposure across multiple sectors.

Advocacy: We will continue to champion the importance of diversity in education and the workforce, striving to effect systemic change at the policy level.

We understand that these are challenging times for our students. But rest assured, we stand alongside them every step of the way. Our commitment to breaking down barriers and building bridges to success is unwavering. Diversity benefits us all.

Your continued support makes our work possible. Together, we can ensure that our students rise above these challenges, transforming not only their own lives but also the communities around them. If you’d like to contribute financially to our efforts, we are grateful for your support as we prepare for the challenges ahead. 

Thank you for being a part of the SRA family. Together, we are making a difference.