#MyHoliday – SRA Student Ambassador, Ramon

Here at Students Rising Above, we know it’s extremely important to celebrate first-gen, culture, and family! We asked our SRA Student Ambassador, Ramon, what the holidays mean to him-

The holidays are about the only time of the year in which all my family is able to see each other. For the past couple of years it has actually been getting harder to have every cousin show up to events because we all have our own thing going on. So, being able to take even a few hours off of what we are doing just to hang out with each other is a really big moment. 

My favorite thing about the holidays would have to be all the love that is being thrown around in the room for the day. We all know how hard it is outside of the house, but while we are celebrating we plan to forget about those things even if it’s just for a little bit.

This holiday in particular I’m looking forward to spending time with my dog because it’s going to be his first Christmas and I plan on dressing him up as Santa Claus!

My SRA mentor, Eric Sippel, and I always go out to grab a bite, it usually consists of something that neither of us have tried before so it’s always pretty fun. My advisor, Erica Vargas, is also always constantly checking up on me, whether it is just to say what’s up or to see how I’m doing, he always makes sure that I know that he and all of SRA are there for me, through the good and bad times.

-Ramon, SRA Student Ambassador