Career Insight Days 2019

Thanks to our corporate partners, SRA had 10 successful Career Insight Days for the summer of 2019 before launching our students back into school this fall. Career Insight Days give SRA scholars a chance to see amazing corporations from the inside – check them out!



On June 24th, SRA students visited Atlassian, the enterprise software company that creates software and tracking products and applications. SRA students were introduced to members of the Senior Leadership Team, in which they had an interactive panel and Q&A session to learn more about the company. In addition, they got an online tour of some of their services and personal one-on-one connections with company members. Students enjoyed talking to company members over lunch in the office where they could feel comfortable learning and listening! 




On June 25th, SRA students visited Workday, Inc., the on-demand financial management and human capital management software vendor. Workday presented about the Building Blocks of a Personal Brand, Interviews, and other useful career tools. They also gave a tour of their entire facility and answered many questions. Most impressively, Workday hosted a special First Generation College Student Panel for our SRA first-gen students led by a panel of Workday employees. SRA students heard from many software development engineers, business teams, and HR staff members who gave important insight into work life and succeeding at any company.



On June 29th, SRA students visited Zoom, the video, chat, webinar, and web conferencing company. Students enjoyed eating lunch at the company while hearing from a panel of Zoom leadership team members. During the Panel, the students were encouraged to ask questions and discuss. Zoom also provided a facility tour and group discussions with Zoom members, not to mention some awesome complimentary Zoom gear!




On July 17th, SRA students visited Sojern, the data-driven travel marketing technology provider. Sojern hosted a panel for SRA students to learn about the company. They also provided lunch with Sojern employees. The day included interactive one-on-ones for students to hear from employees first-hand. Many SRA students were excited to learn about Travel Marketing as a new field of interest. 




Rodan + Fields

On July 23rd, SRA students visited Rodan + Fields, the American manufacturer and multi-level marketing company specializing in skincare products. Rodan + Fields hosted a career insight panel featuring five different company members. They also provided an interactive tour of the facilities and gave our SRA students a fun swag bag as they completed the day! 




JPMorgan Chase

On July 31st, SRA students visited JPMorgan Chase & Co., the American multinational investment bank and financial services holding company. JPMorgan gave SRA students a unique insight into banking and financial services, as well as the tech aspect of the company. Students were excited to tour the prestigious establishment and hear from a panel of employees. Also, a big shout out to the awesome Goodworks Volunteer Leadership Group featured at JPMorgan Chase & Co. 




On July 31st, SRA students visited Lumentum, an American company that manufactures optical and photonic products enabling optical networking and commercial laser customers worldwide. Lumentum President and CEO, Alan Lowe, personally welcomed Students Rising Above and introduced the company. Vice President of Supply Chain, Jeff Ge, also presented to students, who were then encouraged to discuss and collaborate. SRA students learned about Lumentum’s guiding principles to innovate, engage, deliver, excel and win.



On August 9th, SRA students visited Genentech, Inc., a biotechnology corporation including Genentech Research and Early Development which operates as an independent center within Roche. Students heard from the Genentech presentation about the future of science. Students were given an extremely interactive facility tour, including lab coats, goggles, and all! 




Shartsis Friese

On August 13th, SRA students visited Shartsis Friese, a legal services company. SRA board member, Carolyn Reiser, helped coordinate the event and joined as part of the networking session! Students learned about becoming an attorney and working in law. SRA loved the beautiful SF based Shartsis Friese office in the Embarcadero and the unique opportunity to talk directly with employees in their conference room. 




On September 18th, SRA students visited Rakuten, a Japanese electronic commerce and online retailing company. Rakuten hosted a panel and presented on topics ranging from making SMART goals to Internship Program opportunities. Students also participated in an interactive building project experience and had time to talk with employees over lunch. Students left the day through the moon with their new complimentary Rakuten Golden State Warriors jerseys!