Healthy Start of the School Year with Anthem Blue Cross Foundation








SRA is proud to report some start of school updates made possible by a grant from the Anthem Blue Cross Foundation! We are diving into a strong school year with the Healthy Lifestyle Literacy and Health Care Navigation program (HLLHN). The program increases SRA students’ knowledge of healthy lifestyle topics such as diet, sleep, mindfulness and lifestyle choices.



This August we sent our brand new SRA students off to college. Before sending our SRA students off to college we gathered everyone together for an important “Off to College Workshop” and for our “New Student Retreat.” As part of our HLLHN program during these events we hosted mindfulness sessions. Students got the chance to learn what mindfulness is, how the brain works, and participate in mindfulness exercises with our expert. Students took home with them the benefits of mindfulness, and how to practice mindfulness on their college campuses.

Preventative Services

In addition to Mindfulness, another important session at the our events this year was a sex education presentation. Students learned the importance of practicing safe and responsible sexual activity. The goal of the workshop was to help improve students overall quality of life and life choices through healthy and preventive behaviors.

Healthcare Navigation

SRA is so happy with our amazing Healthcare Navigator who, with the HLLHN program, aids our SRA students through healthcare navigation. Our Healthcare Navigator assists SRA students in finding medical, dental, and vision providers, and more. The Health Care Navigator, along with the support of SRA Advisors, works one-on-one with students to resolve their unique issues to ensure that their focus can remain on achieving their educational and career dreams.

Healthcare Resources

Our advisors are constantly coaching students on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. With the HLLHN focus they have shared new healthcare advisor resources in our weekly newsletters, including and not limited to a “Guide to Student Health Care & Medical Insurance,” “SRA College Student Health Care Information 2019,” and “SRA Student Health Insurance Guidelines for Advisors.”