SRA Alum on Staff: Javier Magana

SRA is celebrating our SRA Alums who are now on staff! 


First in this series, hear from SRA Alum and Advisor Javier Magana. Javier is a Students Rising Above Alum from the Class of 2010. He attended Colgate University and joined SRA in 2017 as a College and Career Advisor.


Read the full story below:


How did you start working for SRA?

I began working in SRA in the summer of 2017 when I applied for a part time advisor role. It was primarily Lisa K, my SRA college advisor, second mother, and life coach, who pushed me to apply


Tell us about your current role!

I am currently a Part time college advisor for 3 cohorts of students as well as full time Career and College Readiness Specialist for OUSD. I primarily work in preparing and helping OUSD youth in applying and attending college!


What’s your favorite part about being an SRA Advisor?

My favorite part is reaching out and talking to my individual students. Each one is going through their own journey and I like being part of it. I particularly enjoy seeing their transitions and independent growth through the years in college. It is inspiring.


How have you adapted to the virtual work environment – do you have any advice for others?

A virtual work environment has come down to establishing your work space. I first struggled because I would work from random places at home but after receiving a desk, things have been more manageable. If I am not doing work or school, I do not go near my workspace. It definitely has helped me create some separation between work and home.


Do you have anything you’d like to share with our students and/or community?

Keep taking chances and opportunities, students. The options are endless and as an advisor who gets forwarded many career/internship opportunities, please continue to look toward your next step. Just like in sports, by failing to prepare, you’re preparing to fail!