Virtual Mock Career Fair

Although Students Rising Above (SRA)  was unable to host our annual Mock Career Fair in-person this year, company representatives and Rising Stars were able to meet and network through a virtual setting! 

On July 18, 2020, our Virtual Mock Career Fair kicked off at 10:00 AM (PST) with a brief introduction video created by the Career Development team. Then  SRA students and our volunteers came together through different video call “pods”. Each “pod” held a group of students and an SRA advisor who would serve as a facilitator that helped guide the session and ensure that everything ran smoothly. Volunteers would then join each “pod” for 20 minute sessions in which students were given a chance to practice their elevator pitches and ask informational questions to working professionals while learning about different companies, careers, and experiences. Each “pod” participated in a total of four sessions, each with different company volunteers. 

After all of the wonderful sessions were finished, SRA students, advisors, and our volunteers came together to reflect on their experiences and wrap up our event. During the event wrap-up, attendees were encouraged to share some takeaways from the day!


The Students Rising Above team truly pulled through to host the very FIRST virtual Career Development workshop! This virtual event made a tremendous  impact on SRA students and alumni.


 96% answered “Agree” or “Strongly Agree” when answering “I believe this workshop contributed to my professional development”

 96% believed the workshop broadened their career exposure

 94% reported feeling “Confident” or “Very Confident” about participating in career fairs (in-person or virtual)

 90% answered “Agree” or “Strongly Agree” when asked if they learned something new about at least one company at the event

 94% gained more confidence in networking with professionals

Special thanks to corporate partners and participants from Atlassian, Freckle by Renaissance, Industrial Light & Magic, Sutro Biopharma, Inc., SAP, Rodan + Fields, Google, Gilead Sciences, Current Global, NERA Economic Consulting, KPMG, Kaiser Permanente, HDR, CBS Interactive, Pinterest, and FireEye, Inc.!



Check out some of the amazing feedback we received from students, staff, and volunteers! 


Student Feedback

“You guys are ALL so inspiring. This was such a wholesome experience. It was definitely needed during these tough and unprecedented times. Moral of the story though, united we can do anything!!!! Thank you guys for serving as a reminder!” 

Volunteer Feedback

“Thank you for this opportunity to share! I had a great time learning all about SRA and the amazing services you offer to students. I wish I had your organization to lean on during that time of my life!”

“It humbles and gives me hope that the world will be in good hands with these talented individuals in the future.”

“Thanks for sharing your commitment and starting journeys, developing leaders! This is just the motivation I needed for more resilience in setting the stage up for you to enter. We know we’re coming out of this experience hot and ready to go!” 

Staff Feedback

“Great job on today’s workshop. I think it was super inspiring for everyone involved — just what we all needed to recharge our energies!”

“You guys are awesome and I love seeing my students and hearing their awesome questions. I am grateful for 3 of my kiddos who are really leading and well prepared.”


Thank you to our awesome Career Development Team Paula Galvez-Anzano, Lauren Brener Denisse Velázquez, Kaitlyn Endo, and Kendall Jaramillo and SRA Staff such as Salote Tenisi and Michelle Change for all your hard work! All of this would not be possible without this special community — thank you, Advisors, Volunteers,  SRA team, and our partners!!