Paving a Pathway to Success Through Internships

Internships are a key part of the college-to-career experience. Data shows a majority of employers believe that internship experience is of paramount importance when they consider recent college graduate job candidates.

Paired with a strong resume, high-level internships can be the make-or-break key to landing the career-ladder jobs that lead so many first-generation college students to success.

Through support from the Students Rising Above Career Development Department, scholars are exposed to new career pathways, receive opportunities for networking, learn how to perfect job application materials, and prepare for interviews. All these services, plus access to internships from SRA’s network of over 260 organizations across industries, are crucial in making SRA scholars competitive candidates for careers after they graduate.

2018 internships by industry

Internships with SRA scholars are a win-win experience for students and employers. Our network of employers are enthusiastic about working with hard-working, determined, and tenacious young people who are eager to expand their professional horizons. One employer shared this of their intern:

“He started with us in Marketing (an area he was not familiar with originally) and did such a great job we offered him a full-time role post internship.”

There is no greater joy than seeing our SRA graduates taking their place in the professional world, working towards their dreams. Gain more insight into SRA’s Internship Program below.