Learning, Exploring, and Busting Myths at Google

By SRA Intern Patty Caballero

This summer’s Career Insight Event at Google was both inspiring and eye-opening. We got to learn about all the different paths that can lead to a career at Google, and get insight from Googlers from a variety of departments. It was amazing to get an inside look at what it’s like to work at Google, and get to know the Googlers.

We had the opportunity to listen to a panel of Googlers share their stories and journey to where they are now. It was very encouraging to hear their stories, because it brought a new light to what made up a Google employee. They shared with us how their first application to Google had been rejected, how working at Google had never been their original career path, and how keeping an open mind and trying new things had brought to their current career. One Googler shared that even if you get rejected from Google not to be discouraged, that it might just be that Google might not be ready for what you have to offer. It was very motivating since a lot of times we believe that a rejection is an absolute when that isn’t the case. Rejection just encourages us to grow, develop and try again.

I admired the fact that the Googlers acknowledged the struggle to increase diversity in the technology industry. They expressed the need not only for more minorities in tech, but also diversity in education and life experiences. The search for diverse, well-rounded individuals seemed to be something at the forefront of their hiring process, and the development of their employees. They emphasized Google’s commitment to a culture of inclusion and acceptance through a educating their diverse community to be more aware of their surrounding and actions making Google a welcoming place for all.

We had a myth-busting section of the panel where they Googlers shared a certain myth they wanted to bust about working at Google or about Google as a company. It included myths like “all Googlers have a technical background,” and “Google has to be your first job straight out of college to get hired.” They told us that it can be your second or third, or even sixth or seventh. But, my favorite Google myth was about the snacks. The rumor that Google employees can’t be more than 150 feet away from some type of snack was actually started by a disgruntled engineer who was not liking the new snack setup.

The day ended at the Google Visitor Center where we could see all the things we could see around Google in one place. It was a great way to end the day since it tied everything together and provided an overview of all the things we saw, and all the things we didn’t get to see. Overall, the Google Career Insight Event was an amazing opportunity. It gave us a chance to explore Google and get to know a few of Googlers which really showed the company culture. We always felt welcomed, comfortable, and they were always willing to engage and shared their experiences with us.