Is This Activity The Missing Piece To Your Job Search Puzzle?

By Vanessa Barbic, College & Career Advisor

There are a lot of steps that are necessary in order to get a great job or internship but one of the most important steps many people neglect to do is NETWORKING! Read on below to get some easy tips to get started.

What Is Networking?

It’s a way to increase the amount of people you know who can serve as a professional support system. It can take place anywhere from in an elevator, at work or school or during an organized networking event. Really any situation that helps you develop professional contacts can be considered networking!

Why Is Networking Important?

Networking is extremely important because it can help you not only learn about potential careers to pursue but it also can help you more easily obtain a job or internship. Many employers prefer to find interns or new employees by utilizing their professional network. This means if you are not networking with other professionals you are missing out on valuable connections that may give you the upper-hand in a future internship or job search.

How To Network?

Remember any opportunity you have to meet professionals can be considered networking. Below are a few common ways you can meet new people and begin to grow your professional contacts.

    • Conduct Informational Interviews
    • Attend Campus job or internship fairs
    • Build a relationship with Professors or Teaching Assistants
    • Volunteer for an organization that interests you
    • Join clubs or associations on campus
    • Create a Linkedin profile
    • Attend professional conferences that align with your career interests