September College Admissions Timeline

With school in full swing, try not to avoid college applications just because school is keeping you busy! One super easy way to get started is to figure out how to send your SAT or ACT test scores. You can also ask for letters of recommendation and work on your personal statement during September. Also, don’t forget to research scholarships with early deadlines. Trust us–as the school year goes on, you do not want to be stressing out about minor to do list items you could have completed earlier in the year! Follow the action items we’ve listed below to make sure you are ahead of the game.


● Sign up for the October 3rd SAT by September 3rd
● Continue working on your college list
● Sign up for October 24th ACT by September 18th
● Send Test Scores to all schools on your list that require them
How to send SAT scores
How to send ACT scores
● Continue working on your UC and CSU applications
● Create a spreadsheet with your Log In information so you don’t forget your usernames and passwords (Check-out the SRA Hub College App Tracker for inspiration!)
● Make sure to check in with the teachers who are writing your letters of recommendation
● Check in with your College Career Center and ask about important dates (Ex. College visits)
● Check to make sure you are A-G Eligible
● Consider signing up for the SAT subject tests tests if necessary
● If you are applying to EOP, work on your EOP responses
● Begin working on your UC personal statements
● Work on a Resume (use the SRA template)
● Check in about Scholarship opportunities at your HS or on the Web

College applications can be stressful, but they don’t have to be with advanced planning. Don’t hesitate to ask for help if you need guidance!