Help! I Have Been Denied Admission!

By Vanessa Barbic, College & Career Advisor

If you have been rejected to some or all of the schools you have applied to it can be very scary and stressful. You may feel like just giving up but it’s important to realize that you have options! Below are a few things you should consider if you have been denied admission at some or all of the schools you applied to:

Appeal: Be honest with yourself and evaluate if appealing is an option. Only go this route if you believe the admissions’ office incorrectly evaluated your application. Your student profile should meet and preferably exceed the standards of admission.

Contact Admissions: If you do think you are a good candidate to appeal you should contact admissions ASAP and follow-up regularly. When reaching out to appeal you will also need to be sure to bring new, relevant and compelling information to convince admissions you belong on their campus.

Have A Plan B: Don’t let yourself lose steam during this stressful time. It is still important to stay organized and make alternate plans to move forward, even if it’s not at your dream school.

Be Positive: While it can be a blow to your confidence to be denied admission, realize this is a normal part of the college admissions process. Try to get excited about the options you DO have. Research the schools you DID get into and try to envision yourself on campus!

Strategize For Next Year: If you were not accepted anywhere, it is absolutely essential to immediately research which schools are still accepting applications. Do your homework and apply to any schools that you think might be a good fit for you. If you do not find any schools to apply to, begin to research community college transfer options. Enroll in summer classes and meet with an academic advisor to plot out your transfer plan.

Remember, if your ultimate goal is to attend a 4-year university you can do it! You may have to be creative and your path may not be as linear as you might hope, but don’t let one setback keep you from reaching your goals!