On Becoming Educated

I was in New York this past week for vacation doing the usual touristy stuff. Big tall buildings, diversity in abundance, music throughout the streets, lots of good food! My first stop was a place I dreamed of working for for many years. We head down 1st street into the financial district to 42nd Ave and there it was. Lots of beautiful flags from around the world waving in the breeze, large fountains and sculptures surrounding the building. It was the United Nations headquarters: a place where leaders from around the world come together in hopes of bringing unity and peace to our world. It was interesting to tour, and interesting to learn about. As we walked through the last portion of the building, I came across a quote on the wall that meant a lot to me:

We work with our students because we truly believe this. Nelson Mandela knew what he was talking about – knowledge brings change. With every step you take as a student towards completing that degree, you are taking a step towards changing your life, controlling your future, and making this world a better place. Whether you want to be a professor, an accountant, a doctor, a lawyer, etc., your ability to step up to the plate, overcome all you have already, and pursue that dream of getting a college education is already creating change.

Why is education important to you? What changes do you wish to make? How has school impacted your life so far? What advice do you have for those just entering college?

-Lorna C.