Just ask!

I once had a friend tell me, “Have the courage to ask for what you want.”

I thought – “Have I asked myself that lately? What do I want? How am I doing?”

As the seniors, both in high school and college, get ready to graduate these next few weeks, I thought it was important to give you all a reminder to take a moment to be with your own thoughts on where you
have been, where you are now, how far you’ve come, and where you are going. Many of you are probably stressing about finals, job interviews, new beginnings, transitions, etc. Often times we forget to check in, and in the whirlwind of responsibilities we have to keep up with, we forget about “me.” That “me” needs nurturing, and it needs to be heard from time to time. If we don’t listen, we can easily become overwhelmed and frustrated. Listen to your body too – Is your back hurting? Does your neck feel stiff? Maybe you’re feeling more tired than usual? What is your body telling you about needing to check in with “me”?

Balance is important, and checking in with yourself will give you the balance you need to evaluate your steps moving forward. Growing up can be intimidating, but continuing to have faith that you can do it and that it will all work out will bring about a sense of peace. Knowing how hard you’ve worked to achieve your goals deserves recognition, not just by others, but acknowledging it yourself, too! Those strengths will continue to help you persevere!

Most importantly, remember you have a whole team behind you! Look at the people who have believed in you since you began this journey – they are there to provide you with guidance and a shoulder to lean on it when you need it. Pedro Jimenez, class of 2005, reminded us on Facebook that “You are are part of this great community that did not let their obstacles handicap them for success in life and education.” Great advice, Pedro!

So close your eyes, take a deep breath, and ask yourself “How am I doing today?”