Zully Alonzo

SRA Hub Story

Occupation: Student (CSU East Bay)
Zully was feeling stressed out and overwhelmed about how she was going to stay in college. She was on the verge of dropping out from CSU East Bay when she reached out to the online advisors on the SRA Hub. On top of issues with her financial aid, being on academic probation, and not passing her math course, she was also having trouble selecting a major.

Zully told her SRA Hub Advisor that she was losing motivation in school and asked for tips and helpful websites. One of our online advisors shared words of encouragement and multiple SRA Hub resources with her, including our article on “Choosing a Major” and our SRA Scholarship List. The SRA Hub Advisor reminded Zully that we were there to support her, and gave Zully some guidance on where to start. After the conversations, Zully felt hopeful about her future and thanked us for helping her calm down.

Her financial aid worked out and she was able to continue going to school. Now, she is considering a career and major in nursing. Zully shared that when she talked to her counselor about going into nursing, the counselor was discouraging and told her she needed to have straight As, which made her reconsider. The SRA Hub Advisor was realistic and told Zully that nursing is competitive, but also that schools look at a variety of different aspects of an applicant. The SRA Hub Advisor encouraged Zully to speak with nurses to hear more about their experiences and career paths and to not be discouraged because of what one person said. They also followed up by sending Zully the SRA Hub article called “Nursing 101,” which breaks down the steps and information any prospective nurse would want to know so that Zully could make an informed decision for herself. They also reminded Zully she is not alone in her journey.