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Mentoring Opportunities with Students Rising Above

SRA has various mentoring opportunities and we are always looking for individuals volunteers to join our growing Mentor Network.  We are seeking enthusiastic and committed volunteers who upliftexemplify our DEIB (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging) principles to join our network of mentorsteam and support us in our mission to empower students facing systemic barriers to define and find success through education, career and in life.  As a mentorvolunteer, you will work alongside our Community Engagement volunteer team staff, other mentors, volunteers, students and/or alumni to contribute to the success of our organization.  You will have the opportunity to gain valuable skills and experience, while making a positive impact in your community.

Students Rising Above offers various mentoring opportunities* throughout the year that give community members a chance to work with our students in high impact and meaningful ways. SRA mentors support SRA Students with guidance through one or more of the following programs:

  • Career Mentoring 
  • New Grad Mentor Program 
  • Summer Mentor Program 
  • Grad School Exploration

Mentors can choose to be called upon for any or all of the available Mentoring Programs.
*Please note that matches are based on student interests and needs.

Mentor Eligibility and Commitments:
  • Preferred 2-5 years professional experience


Career Mentor Program
Year-round opportunities

One time informational interview/Career Mentoring with SRA students

Many of our students have limited exposure to the variety of career opportunities available to them. Career Mentors are professional resources for our students who are exploring different career options. When a student has professional aspirations or interests that align with someone from our career mentor list, we match the student with that mentor for informational interviews or job shadowing opportunities. There is no minimum commitment requested for career mentors – volunteers can accept or decline a meeting with a student based on their schedule.

New Grad Mentor Program 
Begins in October
10-25 hours commitment, monthly 1-hour sessions
  • Provide an average of 1-2 hours monthly as a mentor to one student for 6-12 months
  • Attend Mentor Orientation (October)
  • Provide feedback through check-ins and surveys throughout the program

The transition from college to the workforce can be daunting. The New Grad Mentor Program is an opportunity for college seniors and new college graduates to connect with a professional in their field of interest to assist and guide them during their transition into their post-graduate plans. Students will receive one-on-one mentoring and networking assistance from their assigned New Grad Mentor who can help answer career or professional life questions. Resources Career development resources and guidance areis provided to mentors and students throughout the program.

Summer Mentor Program 
July – August
 5- 10 hour total commitment
  • Meet a total of 4 times mentoring one student in July and August
  • Attend Mentor Orientation (June)
  • Provide feedback through check-ins and survey 

The Summer Mentor Program is a unique professional development opportunity that allows for students to connect with a professional in an industry/role they’re interested in. Students work with mentors to learn about their career path and experiences and to gather advice and insight regarding various professional career development topics. Mentees and mentors must connect (virtually, by phone, or in person) at least 4 times over the course of 8 weeks for at least an hour each session. Additionally, training materials should be reviewed prior to engaging with your mentor.

Grad School Exploration 

Mentors will work with students who are exploring or actively applying to graduate school programs. Work can include program research/advice, application review, essay review, etc.

This is typically a 1- 4 hour commitment.