Selena Hernandez

Occupation: Student (UC Santa Cruz)
In high school, I never thought that college would be possible for me. However, SRA made this dream a reality. Whether it was financially, academically, or emotionally, Students Rising Above has been right by my side. SRA helped me through my college application process and I was accepted to many colleges with their support. Today, I am a first generation college junior studying sociology and education at the University of California Santa Cruz, and in 2018, I will be the first to graduate college from my family. This spring, I had the opportunity to study abroad in a multi-city program. My program was both in London and Paris and throughout I had the privilege to go to Spain, Italy, and Greece. I had never thought in a million years to go and study abroad but with SRA’s support, we made it happen. Thanks to SRA, I have become a strong, independent, and successful woman. Thank you always.