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Corporate Partners

Internships for College Students: Our Corporate Partners provide Students Rising Above (SRA) students with valuable internships and real-world experience. SRA provides our Corporate Partners with smart, motivated, and hardworking interns as well as SRA’s support throughout the internship. Together we bring diversity to the workplace.

Check out our Corporate Champion Menus:
  • Host a Kit Building Day for SRA
  • Host an Online Fundraiser for SRA

    Career Insight Days: Let our students experience a day in the life of YOU! SRA Career Insight Events are a half-day event hosted in your office for a group of SRA students (e.g. 8-15). The goal of Career Insight Days is to expose our students to a variety of careers and employers, and to meet with you and your colleagues to learn about your specific roles. This could include a tour, speed networking, a career panel, or other specific career development activities. To learn more about this opportunity and to see if your company is a fit please reach out to SRA's Manager of Talent Development, Paula Galvez-Anzano at [email protected].

    Partners: SRA partners with other nonprofit organizations committed to helping first-generation college students fulfill their potential. By collaborating with SRA, organizations can scale programming efforts by using the SRA Hub’s online tools to supplement financial aid, college admissions, life skills, and career development resources.

    Scholastic Partners: The SRA Hub is a first-of-its-kind online resource, helping high schools address the needs of students looking to make their college dreams a reality. Teachers, counselors, and administrators can partner with SRA to access our high-quality curricula, up-to-date financial aid information, email templates, tools, and webinars that help students apply to colleges, write their admissions essays, and prepare for meaningful careers.

    Health Partners: Our comprehensive support for first-generation students includes providing routine and unexpected medical care not covered by financial aid. By donating their services, our Health Partners ensure SRA students have a healthy college experience.