J.W. Bagley Foundation,
Barulich Family Foundation,
S.D. Bechtel Jr. Foundation,
College Futures Foundation of California,
Comis Foundation,
Enersen Foundation,
Fred and Bertha Gellert Foundation,
Hilltop Group Charitable Foundation,
Koret Foundation,
Stanley Langendorf Foundation,
Dean and Margaret Lesher Foundation,
George Lucas Family Foundation,
Joseph R. McMicking Foundation,
McMurtry Family Foundation,
Robert H. and Helen P. Odell Fund,
Joseph Pedott Perpetual Endowment Trust

Rock Foundation,
Sharks Foundation,
Silicon Valley Community Foundation,
Sippel-Farb Family Foundation,
Leo M. Shortino Family Foundation,
May and Stanley Smith Charitable Foundation,
Solid Rock Foundation,
The Filippi Foundation,
The Fremont Group Foundation,
The Julia Burke Foundation,
The Kimball Foundation,
The O'Shea Foundation,
The Soulé Foundation,
Yahoo! Employee
Foundation, Wayne Gladys Valley Foundation.