SRA Alum on Staff: Dariana Zermeno

SRA is celebrating our SRA Alums who are now on staff! 


Hear from SRA Alum and Advisor Dariana Zermeno. Dariana is from Richmond, California, a 2014 SRA Alumna, and a graduate of UC Merced where she earned a B.A. degree in Psychology. On the EdTech Team, Dariana hopes to return to her community what she so much received from SRA.


Read the full story below:


How did you start working for SRA?

My SRA Advisor periodically sent over emails with specific job opportunities that would interest me, in the last one she sent, I found myself particularly interested in the EdTech Advising Fellowship opportunity. I took my chance by applying and after about three different interviews, I was hired for a 6-month fellowship that gracefully became a full-time job!


What is your current role?

Currently I am a College and Career Advisor with the EdTech team and focus primarily on the SOAR Program and its scholars. 


What does a day working for SRA look like for you?

I spend the day preparing for upcoming SOAR hangouts, which includes revising hangout agendas and having 1:1 Zoom meetings with my Peer Mentors to make sure they are confident in what we will be talking about. I update the SRA Hub’s Scholarship list daily and help my SOAR students by reviewing their resume, cover letter, and any other academic inquiries. 


How have you adapted to the virtual work environment – do you have any advice for others?

It was hard in the beginning, but with time I learned to create and follow a new routine. I most definitely miss seeing everyone in person and look forward to being in the same space once it’s safe to do so. Some advice would be: to create a routine that you can follow everyday, and that way create a transition between starting and ending your day of work. I find this helps to reset my brain and get me ready for the day. 


How do you feel you have grown since your time being in the SRA Program to now working for SRA?

My SRA Advisor helped me transform into the person I am today. I have been shaped and molded and continue to change everyday. It is such a wholesome feeling to know that I have come full circle and can now help students whose position I was in once before. 


Do you have anything you’d like to share with our students and/or community?

Being a part of the SRA community has been one of the best things that has happened in my life! I wish every Rising Star, every one of my coworkers, and every single one of our donors only the very best!