Students Rising Above: A Look Back at 2020

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SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX) — For over two decades KPIX and, recently, CBSN Bay Area have been reporting on Students Rising Above.

During this time, we’ve brought viewers inspiring stories of SRA students and alums doing terrific things with their lives while making a difference in their communities.

COVID-19 and political and civil strife marked 2020 and our SRA coverage has reflected that upheaval.

In order to help students cope with such challenging times, the non-profit found itself having to pivot quickly. When campuses shut down across the country and beyond, SRA scrambled to get some of its students home safely from overseas educational programs and find them housing.

When the Black Lives Matter social justice movement touched many students, SRA quickly built up its online presence to include “Dear Community,” an initiative designed to give a voice to students affected by the struggle for social justice.

And SRA continued to seek out and engage with underserved high school students who faced the monumental task of finishing their education online while preparing for college.

All the while, the program’s talented and dedicated alums continued to be of service to the organization and their communities.

Some started businesses geared toward helping others survive the COVID-19 closures. Others engaged in non-profit work.

All inspired us with their can-do spirit.

So, as 2020 retreats into memory, KPIX and CBSN Bay Area are proud to share SRA story highlights with viewers this holiday season.