#DearCommunity from Yen Dinh

Dear Community,

Black Trans Lives Matter.

About the Art

Even within the black lives movement, there are going to be groups of people excluded. Black trans women are purposefully invisible because they are killed at a disproportionate rate every year and their names are not heard in the media. Society portrays trans women especially those who are black and brown as prostitutes. With the lack of enforced protection from discrimination, some trans women of course have to do sex work to survive. They are fighting in a world that erases their existence. Materials: just alcohol based markers and some black fine liner markers

About Yen

Yen is an aspiring actor and filmmaker who is passionate in striving for more queer and trans people of color representation. Black trans women are some of the most vulnerable communities to violence and hate crimes. Three black transwomen have been murdered this past pride month and many other victims that do not get their deaths reported. We are fighting in a world that wants to erase our existence.



Yen Dinh


#Dear Community is an initiative by SRA to spread awareness about social justice issues, particularly related to the Black Lives Matter movement. This student-voiced series will consist of articles, videos, and other forms of media that our students want to share regarding their personal experiences, why the movement matters to them, and their journeys of growing through unlearning/learning/re-learning. SRA’s goal is to amplify and provide a platform for student voices, bring awareness to current and relevant social issues, inform others about how these issues are affecting certain communities (including our students), and inspire ways in which you can help.