Laptops for First-Gen College Students

As our high school graduates get ready for their first semester of college this fall, no matter what it looks like, SRA is committed to supporting them through their journeys. This summer, SRA worked with incredible volunteers and long-time SRA supporters to distribute vital tools for education to our soon-to-be college students, brand new laptop computers! 

70 laptops were distributed across 7 bay area counties with the help of 7 amazing volunteers! Thank you to our volunteers and to the SRA community for providing our students with the resources they need to be successful in the current climate and in their preparation for college.

In March 2020, more than 400 SRA students were immediately displaced when colleges and universities across the country closed their campuses due to COVID-19. SRA students lacked the resources, funds, and access to housing, food, medical care, transportation, and wireless capabilities to continue with classes. With the community’s help, SRA transported students from abroad and across the nation to temporary housing in the Bay Area, provided food, and equipped them with the tools needed to continue their college courses, virtually! 

Meanwhile, our 79 high school seniors faced immense uncertainty. Prevailing during this unprecedented spring semester to finish high school, was a new hurdle. SRA offered discussions and counseling via Zoom to the 79 seniors and connected them for advice with older students. 

As they look forward to heading off to college this fall, the current climate as a result of COVID-19 is altering their milestones of this success. Students Rising Above hosted an intimate virtual graduation ceremony to take an important moment to celebrate their life milestone, shining light even through a difficult time. We celebrated our students and highlighted their incredible achievements! SRA’s scholars are resilient and resourceful, having overcome significant challenges and instability in their lives.









Prevailing during this unprecedented time to become the first in their families to graduate college will be a challenge like no other. With the uncertainty that lies ahead, the support of our community can make the difference. We know these next few months are critical to supporting our Rising Stars in continuing their college-to-career journeys. 

The pandemic is greatly amplifying economic inequities across our society, threatening the wellbeing and futures of our students and their families. For more than 20 years, Students Rising Above has been there for our students during the hardest times in their lives, and this time is no different. SRA needs your crucial support to ensure that our hardworking students can still pursue their plans of attending college this fall. We are providing college adherence advising for more than 400 first-gen college students, now being pulled away from their coursework to support their families as unemployment rates rise. With your help, our SRA students will continue on their journeys through post-secondary education and into career-ladder jobs, creating a diverse and inclusive workforce and thriving economy for us all. 

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