Advisor Appreciation

The Rising Stars Program recognizes students with potential and understands the obstacles they must overcome. Investing in first-generation students in the nine county San Francisco Bay Area, Students Rising Above (SRA) provides a unique level of support that’s comprehensive, student-centric, and highly personal. Starting in Senior year of high school, each Rising Stars student is matched with a professional Advisor. SRA Advisors provide essential insight into the college journey for our SRA Rising Stars as they make their way to and through college and into the workforce. The SRA team stays in close contact with Rising Star students throughout college, helping them manage the academic challenges of college life, and overcome a variety of financial and personal obstacles. Our Advisors remain available to answer any question within 24 hours. 

Some of our SRA Student Ambassadors wanted to use this #ThankfulThursday to spread special shoutouts to their SRA Advisors! You can learn about and contribute to more meaningful SRA Advisor relationships here:

“My SRA advisor Sarah Miers is the best person I know! I am not sure how I would have made it so far through university and adulthood without her. I know I can go to Sarah no matter what— whether it be advice or just a nice heart to heart conversation. Although we barely see each other in person when we do it’s as if time stops as we talk about everything, laugh a lot (sometimes even cry) and usually have good food. Sarah is not only my advisor but a friend that I cherish and love so much! So grateful with SRA for putting her in my life” 
-Alejandra, SRA Student Ambassador

“When I was failing a class, I told my advisor, Amy Niles, about the situation. Then she helped me find alternative ways to get back on track and get extra help on the courses that I would be taking. I am really grateful for SRA to be by my side when I need help with anything. They have also given me an awesome opportunity to be one of their student ambassadors, where I go to events to talk to donors and help out with workshops and many more!” –Joey, SRA Student 

“I am so grateful for my advisor Tanya because she has helped me every step of the way throughout the college process . There have been many obstacles I have faced throughout my journey to college and Tanya has supported me and made sure I never felt alone. In addition to an advisor, she is also an idol to me. Her commitment to making sure her students succeed and positive enthusiasm inspires me everyday. I am so thankful to have her in my life.” -Kelsey, SRA Student Ambassador

“I appreciate Sarah because whatever stage I’ve been in my life, whether it was wanting to pursue medicine, politics, research, anything, she was always my biggest fan and best coach. I’ve received a level of support and validation through Sarah that’s given me the confidence to pursue my interests. Aside from education and career goals, I can’t think of anyone else whose been with me through the lows and highs of my life, showing me nothing but love and guidance. Thanksgiving Dinners at the Mier’s household is always my favorite” -Ivan, SRA Student Ambassador

Thank you to all our incredible SRA Advisors and our donors who support these amazing relationships! We appreciate you!