Congratulations to Our Volunteers of The Year!

Cathy Boutros, SRA Volunteer of the Year with Bryce Anderson, SRA Volunteer of the Year

We’re so thankful for our community of over 400 Students Rising Above volunteers. From mentors, corporate volunteers, essay and resume editors, and more – our dedicated network of volunteers help make a direct impact on our students through their hours of support, guidance and expertise.

In keeping with our tradition of honoring our incredible volunteers, we select a volunteer who has embodied the dedication, passion, and commitment of our first Students Rising Above Volunteer of the Year, Donna Gaetano.

It’s our honor to announce the recipients of the 2019 Donna Gaetano Award. Congratulations to Bryce Anderson and Cathy Boutros!

Bryce and Cathy are two of our most committed volunteers, who have dedicated hundreds of hours to SRA over the last 15 years and are both synonymous to the Annual Students Rising Above Gala!  

Cathy Boutros, SRA Volunteer of the Year

Cathy started serving on the SRA Gala Committee in 2004 and has been on the Gala Committee every year since. She has done everything for our Gala from helping with the invitation mailings to managing one of the most critical pieces of the evening – the exciting silent auction, which often times boasts over 60 items! Cathy, a CPA, always had time and heart to put SRA front and center, even in her busy tax season!

From Left: Bryce Anderson, SRA Volunteer of the Year and Jennifer Naecker, SRA Director of Development

Bryce was working at Borel Private Bank & Trust in 2006 when he became interested in SRA.  He asked how he could personally get involved and was invited to join the Gala committee. Be careful what you wish for as Bryce has also been part of our Gala Committees ever since! Additionally, Bryce has been a champion for SRA through both his professional and personal life, having brought in new supporters and volunteers to the SRA family. Bryce is always happy to jump in and tackle whatever task needs to get done and we are forever grateful for his commitment!

No matter how you choose to give back, know that it makes a difference and that it is so valued. With warm gratitude, thank you to both Bryce and Cathy for their time and efforts, which directly makes an impact on our students!