Introducing Bob The SRA Hubster!

By Vanessa Barbic, College & Career Advisor

Hey SRA Hubsters! Meet Bob! Bob, is about to embark on his journey from high school to college and has agreed to let you follow his journey. You can logon to the SRA Hub to learn about the same steps Bob will be taking to ensure he is ready to succeed in college and beyond!

Bob’s first step in his post-high school adventure is to make a plan of action. Part of Bob’s plan of action is to create a “to-do” list. Bob came up with the below “to-do” list after talking to his SRA Online Advisors, Vanessa and Kendall. Check-out his action items below to make sure you are well prepared like Bob!
Bob’s To-Do List


● Attend SRA “Summer Melt” webinars by logging on to the SRA Hub and clicking “JOIN A WEBINAR”
● Log-on to The SRA Hub at least once per day to stay motivated and to receive updates about important summer action items
● Connect online with SRA Hubsters that are attending the same college
● Check your college portal and email at least once per day to make sure important reminders and deadlines are not missed
● Get in touch with your college roomie by phone or online
● Sign-up for and attend college orientation and summer bridge (if available)


● Visit your school’s portal to find out about and calendar important dates regarding:
● Financial aid documents & accepting financial aid
● Housing deposit
● Enrollment deposit
● Registration for class enrollment
● Math & English placement tests (if necessary)
● Sending final transcripts
● Signing up for and attending orientation
● Submitting proof of insurance and immunization records
● Move-in day


● Get dorm room ready and create a dorm shopping list
● Get a textbook list for each class in advance and compare used book prices on and
● Review all of your class syllabi in advance and calendar all homework, tests, projects and papers on a calendar to stay organized
● Review SRA’s “Study Skills” presentation to sharpen classroom skills
● Enjoy time with family & friends and be prepared to feel a little “homesick”
● Get familiar with campus resources (EOP/Career Center/Clubs/Academic Advising)

Be sure to follow Bob’s journey so you can learn from his mistakes and get inspiration from his achievements and success!