"The care and kindness from Students Rising Above is touching and it has changed the attitudes that years of distrust have shaped in me.” Nina Torres, Junior, Columbia University.

 Wish List

We welcome your assistance in providing us with the following items and services to better serve the needs of our students.  If you can assist us please contact the person listed next to the item or call us at 414.333.4222.  Thank you!

Leads for paid internships for college students.  Especially helpful are jobs in the humanities, administration, and entry level.  Please contact Lauren Brener.

Individuals or corporations who may not have internship opportunities but are willing to help underwrite a student's expenses in an unpaid internship.  Please contact Lauren Brener.

Dentists and Doctors who are willing to provide their services on a pro bono or reduced fee basis.  Please contact Dixie Ruland  

A company box at a stadium or a block of tickets for any kind of event would be a wonderful opportunity for our students to go on an outing with their volunteer mentors.  We just need a couple week's notice so we can assemble students and volunteers!  Please contact Kirsten McCarthy