Named Scholarship Program


What is the Named Scholarship Program?

The Named Scholarship Program is your opportunity to create a scholarship to help SRA students attend college. A Named Scholarship can be established in memory of or in tribute to a loved one, as part of your corporate philanthropy, or as a way to recognize your personal commitment to SRA students. Named Scholarships start with a minimum annual contribution and are awarded to SRA college students (freshmen to seniors) who best exemplify the values and qualities important to you. We will work with you to create a personalized scholarship which provides you with the opportunity to meet your Named Scholars, and to watch them excel in their studies.


How to Establish a Named Scholarship?

Please contact us to discuss how we can set up a personalized Named Scholarship, which honors the qualities and interests most important to you. Based upon your guidance, we’ll select students who best meet the established guidelines and provide you with a written profile of each student. If interested, we’ll host an event where you can meet your student(s). Your Named Scholarship will be highlighted on our website, in publications, and at annual events.