High School Completion Rates

98% of SRA students graduate from high school and attend a four-year college or university. 

Students living in poverty often attend some of our poorest high schools in our toughest neighborhoods. Many of our students walk through virtual war zones just to get to school. Still others can personally describe what’s it like to live without running water, food or electricity.

In the State of California, there are 800 high school students per counselor— double the national average. It’s nearly impossible for low-income, first generation students to receive the guidance they need to go to college.

In response, SRA makes a 5+ year commitment to work with students from their senior year of high school until they graduate from college and transition into the workforce.  Through our comprehensive program we provide a range of services including tutorial support, personalized assistance in filling out financial aid and college applications, college-readiness workshops, laptops and bedding, career guidance, summer internships, and one-on-one mentoring throughout. SRA has one of the best high school completion rates in the Bay Area!