Marwa Ibraheem

Development Coordinator

Marwa Ibraheem comes from a multilayered international background. She is a higher education professional and an academic at core. She has more than 15 years of experience in science education, scientific research, fundraising & organizational development, strategic planning, social impact entrepreneurship, grant management, and nonprofit advocacy. Marwa graduated from Ain Shams University; one of the biggest universities in Cairo, Egypt, where she studied Biology – Botany – Paleobotany and acquired her BSc, MSc, and PhD. She decided to transition from Academia to the US nonprofit world in 2017 when she started working with skilled immigrants and refugees from all over the world and helping them in their quest of finding professional opportunities and hard earned financial stability for themselves and their families. Marwa believes that open access to education and knowledge is a basic human right especially for underrepresented or less-fortunate communities/populations. She is always working on new sustainable up-to-date ideas to support such belief and to make a difference. She has 8 published international research papers, she also written & illustrated one children book. Marwa is passionate about reading, writing, drawing, painting, cooking, and baking. She likes to describe herself as Mediterranean/Middle-Eastern/North-African, and she is proud to be a life-time learner.

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