Students Rising Above Highlighted in Stanford Research Report on College Completion

SAN FRANCISCO, January 22, 2014 – Students Rising Above, (SRA) one of the nation’s most successful college completion programs, is highlighted in a recent Stanford University research report as one of the Bay Area’s most effective organizations in helping low-income, first-generation students graduate from college.

The report, Bay Area College Completion: An Overview of Bay Area Nonprofit Solutions and Efforts, said “Students Rising Above stands out as an organization active in this space. It provides service and emotional support for students and their families, including tuition and financial aid, student advisors, medical and dental care, paid summer internship guidance, pre-college readiness support programs, and off-to-college.”

Researcher Khushboo Bansal of the Stanford Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society, also noted that Students Rising Above was one of fourteen Bay Area organizations “Recommended Areas of Investment” for individuals and businesses who want to improve college attrition for low-income, first-generation college students.

Founded in 1998, Students Rising Above has a 90% college graduation rate of the students enrolled in its program. SRA’s college completion rate is twice the national average for low-income, first generation students. Students Rising Above enrolled 100 students in its program, it’s largest class to date.

“Students Rising Above is very pleased to have been recognized by in this report and is very proud of the work it continues to do,” said SRA Executive Director Lynne Martin. “Khushboo Bansal is focused on an very important issue not only for the Bay Area, but also for the nation. Collectively, we need to continue devoting the resources and funding to develop so many talented students who go on to make a terrific contribution to their communities.”

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