Jasmeet Bhatia (Isabella)

Occupation: Student (UC Berkeley)
Jasmeet has been using the SRA Hub as a resource since she was in high school in San Pablo. During her senior year of high school, she made a personal connection with her SRA Hub Advisor, Isabella, and they have remained in frequent contact throughout Jasmeet’s college application and acceptance process and her transition to college. Isabella helped to provide feedback on Jasmeet’s college list, personal statements, and scholarship applications. Not only has she worked one-on-one with her SRA Hub Advisor, Jasmeet has been proactive about participating in many SRA Hub webinars on everything from time management to scholarship planning.

In 2016, Jasmeet enrolled at UC Berkeley, where she intends to study computer science. Jasmeet had been a strong student in high school, but she had a tough initial transition into college, particularly adjusting to the new environment and academic rigor of Berkeley. But she kept in touch with her SRA Hub Advisor for guidance and emotional support. Together, they discussed which classes might be most useful to take, and which organizations might be the best fit for Jasmeet to get involved with. With each passing semester, Jasmeet feels a little more settled. Isabella was there to encourage Jasmeet every step of the way, and to share in the day-to-day life experiences of college life, roommates, class schedules, and travel plans.

Jasmeet shared, “It is always great talking to you. I am glad to say that over the past year we have really bonded. I am glad to have someone who I can trust by my side. Once again thank you.”

Being motivated and focused on her career goals, Jasmeet also relied on the SRA Hub for career development support; she took advantage of resume, cover letter, and interview feedback from her SRA Hub Advisor and landed her first summer job. The following summer, she was offered an internship with the SRA Hub Team. Jasmeet worked hard and shared her perspective with other Hub users by writing articles and blog posts about her experiences as a first-generation college student. Next summer, she will pursue her career in the tech field by interning as a Technical Sales Intern at IBM. Students Rising Above cannot wait to see where Jasmeet goes next and looks forward to following her bright future.