Get Involved

Are you interested in volunteering to help our students achieve their dream of college graduation and prepare for a successful career?  SRA volunteers provide mission-critical support and opportunities.

SRA Volunteer Options:

  • SRA Event Volunteers: Volunteer or donate to one of our fundraising and “friend-raising” events. We’re always looking for energetic folks to join the organizing committee for the SRA Gala or to volunteer on the evening of. You can also volunteer to staff one of our popular live auction Lobster Dinners or Sonoma Hoedown events!
  • Internships for College Students: Provide an internship for a college student, or make an introduction for our SRA Internship Program Manager.
  • Resume Volunteer: Review, edit, and finalize a batch of college student resumes. This seasonal work occurs in the fall. Hiring, recruitment, or HR experience preferred.
  • Personal Statement Volunteer: Help students compose and edit essays for college and scholarship applications. This is a seasonal role, kicking off in August and concluding in January. Writing or college admission expertise preferred. 
  • Social Mentors:  Mentors offer our high school seniors one-on-one support, and provide opportunities for fun and enrichment by being a friend and role model. Mentors and students are matched in the fall of the student’s senior year of high school, and stay in touch throughout the student’s’ college career. Mentors are not required to make a financial commitment. Due to the ages of the students in our program, mentor candidates must be at least 25 years old, and must hold a four-year college degree.
  • Career Mentors: Many of our students have a limited exposure to the many career opportunities available to them. Career mentors are professional resources for our students. Through career development workshops, informational interviews, and job shadowing opportunities, they help to expand our student’s horizons.
  • New Grad Mentors:  The transition from college to the workforce can be daunting. New Grad mentors provide one-on-one professional mentoring and networking assistance to a graduating college senior in their industry for the months prior to and after college graduation.