Founded in 1998 by news anchor, Wendy Tokuda, and Community Relations Manager, Javier Valencia, SRA initially began as a scholarship supporting outstanding Bay Area students who were “beating the odds.”

Recognizing that access to college was not enough to ensure college completion, Students Rising Above was a pioneer in providing comprehensive services to help students successfully navigate the academic, emotional, and social challenges of college. Summer internships and career guidance programs were later added to provide students with the skills and experience to successfully transition into the workforce and break the cycle of poverty.

For the past fifteen years, SRA has been led and managed by Lynne Martin, Executive Director, and Barb Hendricks, Director of Student Programs, who have increased the number of students selected into the program ten-fold. Today, this award winning program has grown into an independent 501(c)3 non-profit organization with broad community, foundation, and corporate support and history.

In 2014, in an effort to assist more students, SRA launched the College2Careers Hub which serves an additional 10,000 low-income students throughout the Bay Area and beyond.  Students can access 24/7 online support from SRA Online Advisors, webinars, communicate with other students, and utilize resources, templates, and tools designed to help low-income students along the critical high school to college to workforce